What I Gifted My Bridesmaids on My Wedding Day

What I Gifted My Bridesmaids on My Wedding Day

Being a bridesmaid is not cheap! Not only do they have to pay for their dresses (and sometimes hair and makeup), there are also travel expenses involved in most cases! Seven out of my eight bridesmaids were not local to Charleston, so they and their families had to travel and pay for lodging in order to attend! I mentioned before that I really wanted to spoil my gals, so I wanted to make their gifts very special!

First Trimester Q&A

First Trimester Pregnancy Questions

If you haven't heard the news.. WE'RE PREGNANT!! We are so so excited about the journey ahead of us and to bring a new life into this world! I asked my followers on Instagram if they had any pregnancy related questions for me, so I wanted to answer the most asked questions here!

My Wedding Dress Details: Bridal Portraits

My Wedding Dress Details: Bridal Portraits - Chasing Cinderella

I am so excited to share details on both of my wedding dresses! You may have saw that I had both a ceremony dress and a reception dress, and am SO happy I made the decision to change dresses during the reception! The weekend before our wedding I met up with my photographer at our wedding venue to take my bridal portraits of both my dresses, and here's the result! 

3 Tips To Prevent Your Dog From Peeing In The House

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3 Tips To Prevent Your Dog From Peeing In The House - Chasing Cinderella

If you've been following along the past couple of years, you know that we now have four dogs. Yes, FOUR! Scooter, our smallest one, will be 10 in October, Tarpon is 8, Mako is 2 and our newest, Tilly, is 6 months old. Yes that's a lot of dogs, and yes we have trouble keeping our house clean. Lately, especially with the new addition of Tilly, our most recent issue is old man Scooter peeing in the house, aka marking everything in sight. I think it's a mix between his old age, and all the smells of the labs that leads to him going indoors. Regardless, we have been trying everything to get this issue under control. There are three main tips I recommend trying at home if you are having the same issue, and I'm also going into detail on the one that has worked best for us!

What I Gifted My Husband As A Wedding Gift

What I Gifted My Husband As A Wedding Gift - Chasing Cinderella

Something I was really excited about, but also stressing out about a little bit, was deciding what I was going to give Cab as a wedding day gift. This is such special and exciting gift, but my husband is so difficult to shop for, that I just didn't know what to get him.. And I wanted it to be perfect. 

How To Incorporate Tie Dye Into Your Wardrobe

How To Incorporate Tie Dye Into Your Wardrobe - Chasing Cinderella

Tie dye has made it's way back around and is super trendy right now! And I am here for it! I am loving all things tie dye. But, I do know that it can be very intimidating if you haven't fully jumped onto the trend yet. There are so many tie-dye color options, as well as items out there, that I wanted to share a few tips to incorporate tie dye into your wardrobe!

4 Items To Buy Before Spring Arrives

4 Items To Buy Before Spring Arrives - Chasing Cinderella

There are a few trends that you will be seeing a lot this spring, so I wanted to fill y'all in to make sure you have them all in your closet before spring arrives! They aren't new trends, so you may already have these items, but hey, who doesn't love a little closet reset every once in awhile!

Maldives Honeymoon Outfit Roundup

Maldives Honeymoon Outfit Roundup - Chasing Cinderella

We had the absolute best time in the Maldives (and Dubai) for our Honeymoon!! I got so many comments/questions on the swimsuits that I wore, so I figured I would round up everything in a blog post for y'all. I've included where I bought every swimsuit, as well as sizing info!

My Rehearsal Dinner Dress with David's Bridal

My Rehearsal Dinner Dress with David's Bridal - Chasing Cinderella

It's no secret that I have been loving white dresses in this phase of my life! Being engaged has been the absolute best! I knew for our rehearsal dinner I wanted another white dress (shocker), and I also knew I wanted it to not be super casual, but also not super fancy. AND I FOUND IT! And would you believe that it's from David's Bridal?!

Charleston's Hotel Bella Grace

Charleston's Hotel Bella Grace - Chasing Cinderella

Last week Anabelle and I had a little Galentine's staycation at Hotel Bella Grace in downtown Charleston! I absolutely love our city, so spending the night downtown for a little girl time was the absolute best! And it also didn't hurt that Hotel Bella Grace is absolutely stunning!

29 Things To Do Before 30

29 Things To Do Before 30 Bucket List - Chasing Cinderella

Tomorrow marks my last full year as a 20-something year old! Where does the freaking time go!! Don't get me wrong, I am actually very excited for my 30s and all that comes with it, but I am also a little sad that I will be leaving my 20s behind! So, to celebrate my 20s, I've put together a fun bucket list of things I want to do before I turn 30!

7 Tips For Looking Better in Photos

8 Tips For Looking Better In Photos - Chasing Cinderella

I do not consider myself to be a very photogenic person. Hence, why you basically never see me posting a selfie. I bet you're thinking, umm you're a blogger, of course you're photogenic.. This is definitely not the case y'all. For every one photo you see, there are 50 that will NEVER see the light of day lol. But, from my time blogging, I have learned a few tricks that help you look better in photos!

Best Valentine's Day Graphic Tees

Best Valentine's Day Graphic Tees - Chasing Cinderella

Another holiday approaches, another graphic tee I'm wearing! It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of graphic tees, so I'm super excited to share some of the best Valentine's Day graphic tees that I've found!

My Bachelorette Party at Disney World

5 Must Haves For A Disney World Bachelorette Party - Chasing Cinderella

It's no secret that I'm a Disney fan, and some of you weren't very surprised when I announced that I was going to Disney World for my bachelorette party! From my blog name to my Cinderella inspired engagement, I'd say that going to Disney World was pretty on brand for me! I literally had THE best time, that I wanted to do a full recap here for anyone wanting to plan a girls trip in the future!

White Dresses For The Bride-To-Be

White Dresses For The Bride To Be - Chasing Cinderella

I absolutely love being a bride! Not only because the fact that I'm getting a fiancĂ© (and have a gorgeous ring), but also because of my updated wardrobe! I have been using every opportunity/excuse that I can to purchase and wear white dresses. I got so many compliments on both my bridal shower dress (on sale for $23) and my bachelorette party dress- and for good reason (I'm obsessed with both of them)! But since they are from the same shop, I felt it was my duty to share where I purchased both of them with y'all!

Best Spa in Charleston: Woodhouse Day Spa

Best Spa in Charleston: Woodhouse Day Spa - Chasing Cinderella

One of my 2020 goals is to impliment more self-care into my life! This means not only taking care of myself on the inside (ie. eating better and exercising more), but also taking care of myself on the outside! I haven't always been one for personal maintenance, but Woodhouse Day Spa has made me a believer! 

Q&A with Charleston Blonde

Blogger Charleston Blonde's Favorite Charleston Hotspots - Chasing Cinderella

I've done a few different blog posts about supporting your local girl gang, so when Jaime reached out to suggest a community spotlight series, I was so excited to be included in something that was so encouraging and collaborative for the blogging community! To return the favor, she answered the same questions she asked me for my blogger spotlight so you all can get to know her a little bit better.

Wedding Update: 1 Month To Go

One Month Wedding Update - Chasing Cinderella

We are just one month out from our wedding! HOW?! It is so crazy how quickly our engagement has flown by! It seem's like just yesterday Cab was down on one knee, I cannot believe that he will be my HUSBAND in just a months time!

Hello 2020 - New Year Goals & 2019 Recap

2020 Goals and 2019 Recap - Chasing Cinderella

Wow 2019, what a year! It may be cheesy to say, but really was the best one yet! So many things happened in my personal life, as well as professional! I've learned a lot about myself as a person, and what I truly believe in. I've had new friendships blossom, and had to close the door on a toxic one. I traveled to some new places, and made our house feel more like a home. I don't always get too personal on here, but thought it would be nice to share some 2019 highlights, and what I have planned for the year ahead!