If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed some funny code words at the end of most of my captions. They look something like: #liketkit These funky codes are generated through a program called

WHAT IS IT? allows you to shop all of your favorite Instagrammer's photos straight from your email inbox. You’ll never have to ask “Where did you get that?” and have to wait for a response again! answers all of your questions!

Once you sign up for, every time you ‘like’ one of my photos, or another blogger who has the link, you will receive an email sent to your inbox with the EXACT items in that photo, OR if those items are sold out or no longer available, we will provide similar options for you as well! And don't worry, allows you to set the frequency of the emails you receive, so you will never be spammed!

So the steps are:
  1. Sign up at
  2. Like Instagram photos with links
  3. Get an email with ready-to-shop product details

It's that easy! BUT, if I still haven't convinced you to sign up, there is still a way to shop the details in my Instagram photos! If you visit the Shop My Instagram page, you just click on a photo to see all the outfit details without signing up – but you can only access that via this website!

As of March 6th, there is now a app that you can download in the app store! The new app makes shopping my outfits SO much easier – and not only from Instagram! If you see the little "heart" icon in the bottom right corner of a post (meaning it's "screenshot shoppable") on Snapchat, Instagram stories, or Pinterest…you can screenshot that picture as well and it will populate into your app! If you screenshot a post that is LTK enabled (with the watermark), you will get a push notification within a few second at the top of your screen that says ‘Your screenshot by _____ is ready to shop!’. You can then opt to go to the app to immediately shop the post! You can still 'like' a photo (the same as you always have) and it’ll populate into the same feed within the app as your screenshots. The email service is still enabled, but if you want to change your email preferences to no longer receive them, you can do so within your account settings on‘s website.


And there you have it! is super simple and makes it easy for you to shop all of your favorite products straight from your email, and now within an app! If you have any further questions on how to use, feel free to email me at