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If you're a blogger it probably seems like you're on your phone all freaking day. Trust me, I know the feeling! I'm always either scrolling through Instagram, pinning blog posts on Pinterest, answering emails, etc! It can get really overwhelming at times, so I wanted to share 13 of my favorite apps that I use on a daily basis to help me navigate this blogging world a little bit better!

13 Best Apps For Bloggers

Photo & Editing Apps

1. Lightroom - I love Lightroom for editing my photos, but it's also how I get photos from my computer onto my phone! Great place to store photos too so you don't take up so much room on your phone!

2. Snapseed - I sometimes use Snapseed to edit my photos some! They have a selection tool which allows you to brighten up (etc.) specific areas of your photo without editing the entire photo. There is also the heeling tool where you can edit small, unwanted things out of your photos!

3. VSCO - This app is great if you want to add specific filters to your photos and create a cohesive feed. It's just like having a preset for your photos! That have a ton of free and paid filters that you can use, so play around until you find one that best fits your aesthetic!

4. PicTapGo - I don't use this app all the time, but I love it in the summer and spring when my photos are colorful and bright! I use it to intensify colors, but it also has some fun filters as well!

5. Facetune - Facetune definitely gets a bad rap, but it's really great for brightening/whitening up your photos! I always enhance all of the white in my photos to make the picture pop a bit more!

Organizational/Operational Apps

6. Planoly - I love this app to organize/plan out my Instagram posts in advance! You can upload your current Instagram feed into the app, and then drop in pictures you plan to post and drag them around to see the best flow! You can even pre-write your captions and save them! I'm pretty sure you can auto-post with Planoly now too!

7. RewardStyle - If you're part of the RewardStyle world, I highly recommend you get this app on your phone! You can create shoppable photos, find and save linkable items, and track your sales/income! Very convenient if you ask me!

8. - This app makes it super easy to shop your favorite blogger's looks all in one place! I explained a little bit more about the app in this blog post, but basically you can search any RewardStyle blogger, click on their outfit, and instantly shop the item of your choice! Shamless plug: don't forget to follow me (@kelseyjhill) on the app to shop my daily looks!

9. Google Analytics - The Google Analytics app is just as it sounds, an app to check your Google Analytics. It makes it super easy to be able to check your website stats whenever you'd like!

10. CamScanner - My life was forever changed when Cab told me about this app! As a blogger, you're always having to print out and sign contracts. Well CamScanner will make your life so much easier! Just snap a picture of the document through the app, and it will email it to you as a PDF or JPG!

Apps To Up Your Instagram Story Game 

11. Canva - Canva is great for so many reasons! I mostly use it to make Pinterest-esque graphics, but there is so much you can do with this app! They even have species "Instagram story" graphics where you can upload your photo and text and you're ready to go! I use Canva to share my blog posts!

12. Unfold - Unfold is similar to Canva in the way that you can easily upload your photos and text into already created collages and you're ready to upload them to your story! I use unfold to share items that I'm loving, are on sale, etc!

13. CutStory - CutStory is a game changer for when you want to post a video that you know is going to longer than 15 seconds! Whether you want to tell your followers a story, or just want to upload funny video, upload it into CutStory and it will clip it into 15 second videos that you can upload right to Instagram stories! Also if you didn't already know- Instagram made it super easy to upload these stories now that you can select more than one video at a time to upload!

What are some of your favorite apps?! Are there any that help you stay organized day-to-day?!

Thanks so much for reading! xo


  1. I didn't know about PicTapGo - Will have to check that out. Great resource for new bloggers :)


  2. SO many amazing apps!! I actually use almost all of these on a daily basis! This post is great for bloggers or anyone wanting to up their photo game!

  3. These are amazing apps! I use a lot of these and they are the best!

  4. I use almost all of these! Although, recently Instagram updated to allow you longer than 15 seconds of video (so I deleted CutStory) - almost like Snapchat, where it just keeps filming even if you go past 15 seconds, and then it just cuts them up for you. I love that!!

  5. I just recently got into Unfold, it's so cool!


  6. All of these are really great apps for bloggers! Definitely need to check out Unfold, it has been on my list of apps to try!

    cute & little

  7. I really love all of these apps. I haven't tried cutstory yet but I do have it downloaded. Facetune is great for making the whites pop!

  8. I use unfold and VSCO all the time, I really want to try Lightroom!! Great post, thanks for sharing xx

  9. I use many of these too! I never thought to install Google Analytics on my phone (always just check on my desktop). Definitely going to do that now though!

    xx, Danielle |

  10. I'm totally going to download CamScanner right now...this would simplify things so much!

  11. Oh my gosh, no joke CamScanner is a totally game changer. Thank you for the introduction! Will be using that from now on!

    xo Laura Leigh

  12. I hadn't heard of some of these but will definitely check them out. Helpful post, thanks!

  13. Some of these apps I have and love and some are new to me. I’m going to download CutStory right now!

  14. These are all great tips! Lightroom is one of my favorites.


  15. These are great suggestions. Thank you so much!

  16. I use a lot of these same apps- Lightroom and VSCO on the regular!

  17. OMG yes I use so many of these! Definitely a few I had not heard of and will be checking out immediately!

    Denise | Fashion Love Letters

  18. This will go a long way to enhance my work. Thank you