10 Charleston Bloggers To Follow On Instagram

10 Charleston Bloggers to Follow on Instagram - Chasing Cinderella

Charleston was voted the number one city in the US and the world for no reason! Not only does it have great history, restaurants, shopping, and architecture, it is also home of some amazingly gifted bloggers! Y'all know how much I love supporting my local girl gang, so I wanted to share ten of my favorite Charleston bloggers that you should be following on Instagram.

Did y'all really think I wasn't going to start with myself?! lol If you're here, I'm hoping you already follow me on Instagram, but just in case I'll share a little bit about me. When you head over to my Instagram you will see that I mostly share fashion, but you will also see me popping up around Charleston's fun doors and touristy spots! I love to share great sales and style reasonable priced items for y'all, and love to share a little bit of Charleston's beauty as well!

Charleston Blogger @kelseyjhill - Chasing Cinderella

Heading to Charleston and looking for some photo inspiration? Hillary has you covered! She's always finding new Instagram-worthy spots all over the lowcountry and kills every shot (I don't think anyone can twirl like this girl)! She has such a fun and dare I say unique style, I get so excited to see what she's wearing each day! She really lets her personality shine through in her posts!

Charleston Blogger @hillheady - Chasing Cinderella

If you're looking for a go-to Charleston resource, Jaime is your girl! She shares everything from restaurants, to shops, to her cute little family! Jaime has such a bright and cheery feed, with nothing but smiles! She always has the best recommendations so make sure to visit her feed when planning a trip to Charleston!

Charleston Blogger @charlestonblonde - Chasing Cinderella

Kenzie and Carol are twin bombshells who are really embracing the Charleston lifestyle! They seem to always be up to something fun, being super stylish along the way! They are a great local resource, always sharing local coffee shops and boutiques (along with a ton of other things), and will have you cracking up in every one of their Instagram stories, trust me!

Charleston Blogger @kc_doubletake - Chasing Cinderella

Liz is another one with a super bright and cheery feed, and she loves to share/collaborate with other local artisans! She co-owns a cute little balloon and gift shop, Cannonborough Collective, with The Tiny Tassel and it's a go-to spot when visiting Charleston! Looking to brighten your mood? Head over to Liz's page!

Charleston Blogger @charlestonweekender - Chasing Cinderella

Kristin is one of those bloggers that seems to do it all, and I love following her for that exact reason! She shares style, decor, travel, and even shares how to be the hostess with the mostest.. All by looking absolutely fabulous! Kristin is another one where you can't help but smile while scrolling through her feed!

Charleston Blogger @kristinchambless - Chasing Cinderella

Not only does Hilary have the best style and perfect hair, she also has the best series on her blog: Foodie Friday! She highlights different Charleston restaurants every Friday, so she is definitely a great resource when planning your trip to the lowcountry!

Charleston Blogger @byhilaryrose - Chasing Cinderella

Andrea will be your go-to resource for all things Charleston fashion! She knows the ins and outs of the Charleston fashion scene, and she shares every bit of her knowledge on her Instagram feed! She also shares lots of home, beauty, family, and she's also the tv host for Fashion Friday's on Charleston's lifestyle show Low Country Live!

Charleston Blogger @charlestonshopcurator - Chasing Cinderella

One of my favorite feeds to just scroll through and daydream is Jillian's! Not only does she have the sweetest style, her photos really capture Charleston in it's greatest light! She also has great curated Instagram stories that give you snapshots of the city.

Charleston Blogger @jillianattaway - Chasing Cinderella

If you follow any fashion bloggers, you probably already follow Julia! She's the founder of Gal Meets Glam, and has very feminine and sophisticated style! She shares a lot of her travel adventures, but also does a great job showcasing Charleston, as well as her amazing lowcountry home!

Charleston Blogger @juliahengel - Chasing Cinderella

There are so many fabulous Charleston bloggers and I love them all! I'm so sad I couldn't fit them all in this post, I wish I had time and space to share every single one of them! Be sure to follow the #Charlestonblogger hashtag to check them all out! Who are your favorite Charleston bloggers to follow on Instagram?!

Thanks so much for reading! xo


  1. Great post! Who knew Charleston had so much to offer? Y'all are visually stunning and already leading the pack. Rock on, Ladies!

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  11. Charleston looks like such a fun city! I would love to visit someday, and in the meantime I'll just follow these lovely ladies and daydream.
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