Helpful Tips To Make Working From Home Easier

Tips For Working From Home - Chasing Cinderella

Working from home may sound like a dream, but it's definitely not as easy as it may seem! I've been working from home for nine months now, and I've definitely learned some tricks to help me stay productive along the way.

10 Helpful Tips For Working From Home

To give you a little insight on my personality: I would 100% be okay sitting on the couch every single day watching tv haha. I am not one of those people that HAS to be doing something every day, and am not great at self motivating. So needless to say, working from home was definitely an adjustment for me! These ten tips really helped me navigate this whole working from home world!

Get Dressed Every Day

This step can make or break your work day and that's why I think it's the most important! You should dress like you are leaving the house that day, shoes and all! It really will help motivate you to get some work done that day! If you stay in your pjs/sweats all day, trust me, you won't be as motivated.

Have a Separate Work Space

This is another huge step as well! If you don't have the room to have an actual office, make sure you have a designated work space. Whatever you do, do not work from the couch!! That is just a disaster waiting to happen! Having a designated work space will help you focus and get so much more work done!

Eliminate Distractions

This should really go without saying, but distractions will ruin your work day! This could mean different things for everyone. For me, I don't have a tv in my office, I don't grab my phone and scroll through social media, and I make sure my work space is clean! Nothing is more distracting than a messy office and then I'll spend half my day tidying up instead of actually working!

Take Breaks

It's super easy to get burned out when working from home, so make sure you take a few breaks throughout the day! I like to get out of the house and take the dogs for a walk! The fresh air will help clear your head, and you will feel refreshed when it's time to get back to work!

Create Daily To-Do Lists

This is something I do every day, and it helps a ton! Write down every thing you need to do that day on a notepad, and check them off as you complete them! As you check tasks off your list throughout the day, you'll not only feel more accomplished, but you'll ensure every item is complete without missing anything.

Batch Your Time

Another way that I keep myself from burning out everyday is batching my time. I have this timer that I set (usually for an hour each) and I use that time to complete a specific task. Once my timer goes off, I move on to another task. Switching up what you're dong every hour will help keep you from getting bored, and ensure you don't spend too much time on one project over another.

Grab Coffee With a Friend

This may sound silly, but you need to have some contact with the outside world every now and then!  Working from home every day can definitely get lonely, so once a week try to plan a coffee date with a friend! Or even work from a coffee shop one day a week, just so you can have some human contact!

Invest in a Desktop Computer

If you are able to, I highly suggest investing in a desktop computer rather than working from your laptop every day. I got a desktop for Christmas and it has really been a game changer for my focus and motivation! I think it has to do with the bigger screen, my eyes don't get as tired. Having a desktop will also help you squash the desire to work from the couch!

Don't Forget to Eat

When you're in the zone working from home, it's sometimes easy to forget to eat. Whether it be having snacks in your office, or making sure one of the breaks you take during the day is a lunch break, it's super important to eat throughout the day! It will help keep you energized and focused!

Have Office Hours

Last but not least, set office hours and stick to them! Having a set schedule will help you get into a routine, and I've found that this is super important! One of the best things about working from home is having flexibility, but make sure you set some kind of schedule so that your day is structured!

Do y'all have any great tips for working from home?! It's definitely still a struggle for me some days to not just plop down on the couch, but all in all these tips have really changed the working from home game for me! 

Thanks so much for reading! xo



  1. Very nice post, I actually never get dressed but I think I'll do that to get more motivated! thanks for sharing xx

  2. Omg yes!! I follow these exact same tips when I work for home, and seriously helps so much. Especially with dressing up!

  3. Love these ideas!I just started working as an at home travel agent, so a little more "official" than "just" blogging so need to really re-do my space. I love that pink file cabinet where is that from!!??!?!

  4. Batching my time and making to do lists is so helpful for me! (And I LOVE that pink chair!)

  5. These are such great tips! If I had that chair it would be a lot easier for me to work from home! it's fabulous!!!


  6. Stepping away from your desks at times to grab coffee with a friend is a great tip! We all need a little break in our day!

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  7. I am the worst with working from home so these are some great tips to try out!

    xo, Hillary |

  8. Great tips. I have to work on removing the distractions. I have an attention span of a 2 year old.


  9. Getting dressed and having a separate workspace are the things I struggle with the most! Love this list.

  10. These are such good tips! I'm saving for a desktop computer right now. I've heard it's a game changer!

  11. I love this! I have a full time job but on my day off I take it just like a normal work day. I wake at my normal work day time, get full on dressed and on to my home office. And I live off To-Do lists. This is a new habit of mine, I used to not do it but then I was completely lost and flustered throughout the day lol.

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  12. working from home does require a lot more discipline to have a regimented and productive day. Having social contact can be so important as well, getting out and remembering the world is out there.
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  13. Such great tips! I'm all about a to-do list and taking breaks.

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

  14. These are REALLY good tips! I am also definitely the type of person that would be perfectly happy to chill on the couch all day, so I especially appreciate the part about having a separate work space!!

  15. These are really great tips. I love my desktop, it's great for when I need to smash my to do list.

  16. Don't forget to eat is such a great reminder! When I first started working from home I literally always forgot to eat. My husband would get so mad and confused haha. I still forget lunch often until like 2 or 3 but hey it works for me haha. Need to do better at the Batch planning - that's a great idea!

    xo Laura Leigh

  17. Such great tips! Also - totally unrelated - but LOVE your pink office chair!!

  18. So far, the only thing that doesn't apply to me is the fact that I still only have a laptop. But right now, I love it, so I don't see a need for change. This list is AWESOME though. It touches on everything that's important for someone who works at home.

  19. These are great tips! I just started working exclusively from home about a month ago and I'm finding it is super important to get dressed and have a to-do list and tentative schedule for work tasks just like I would at an actual office. I'm working on the separate work space because I think it would help me focus and have some mental separation that I don't get working at the kitchen table. Also the breaks, office hours...basically I agree with this whole post, lol.

  20. I am looking forward to investing in a Mac Desktop because having the laptop makes it too easy for me to work from my bed lol