Friday Favorites: January 2016

Friday favorites for January 2016
Happy Friday everyone! One of my New Year Resolutions was to be more open on this blog: getting a little more personal and writing more than just outfit posts. So here we are.. Once a month (I'm going to aim for the last Friday of each month) I want to let you guys know some of my favorite things that I have bought, saw, ate, experienced, etc. It will kind of give y'all a recap of my month and some of the fun things that I've come across.

Meet the Pups

Meet the pups
If you follow me on Instagram, you already know all about these two! But I wanted to give them a formal introduction because they play a huge role in my life and a majority of my personal social media posts (good and bad) are about them! They are best buds and just the sweetest pups!

Snow Day!

Snow Day in Maryland

Weekend Style

Weekend style

Black Faux Fur

Black faux fur vest

Camel Coat

Camel pea coat

Oversized Plaid

Oversized plaid top

Chilly Weather Vest

Chilly weather vest

The Perfect White Tee

Perfect White Tee

Cowl Neck Sweaters

Cowl neck sweaters

Mad for Plaid

Mad for plaid ponchos

Sweater Weather

sweater weather

Hello 2016!

2016 resolutions
Happy New Year everyone!! I hope y'all had the best time celebrating 2015 last night and welcoming 2016! Being the start of a new year, I thought I would make today's post a little different and share with you my goals/resolutions for the year ahead!