Meet the Pups

Meet the pups
If you follow me on Instagram, you already know all about these two! But I wanted to give them a formal introduction because they play a huge role in my life and a majority of my personal social media posts (good and bad) are about them! They are best buds and just the sweetest pups!

First we'll start with my baby:

Name: Scooter

Age: 7 (October 2010)

Breed: Silkese (Maltese & Silky Terrier mix)

Nicknames: He goes by many names: Scoot, Scooty, Boot, Booty,.. It really depends on my mood. I think my favorite and most common name is probably Scooty Booty. I actually don't know when or why I started dropping the 's' and calling him Boot, but nevertheless, it stuck, and he is my Boot!

Favorite Activities: Picking out all of the stuffing from his toys and leaving it all around the house for mom to clean up, barking relentlessly at Tarpon as he chases him around the yard, and being too cute to resist while begging for people food. 
Next, we have Cab's baby:

Name: Tarpon

Age: 5 (February 2012)

Breed: Silver Lab

Nicknames: Tarp, Tarpy, Tarp Tarp 

Favorite Activities: Pretending he's a lap dog and laying literally on top of you, taking every single one of his toys out of his toy bin, walking in circles around large pieces of furniture, and requiring more love & attention than any other dog.. ever! 

**To get a good sense of Tarpon's personality, think of Dug from UP! I picture Tarpon having the same voice and everything! 

And there you have it, my fur babies!

Thanks so much for reading! xo