Oversized Plaid

Oversized plaid top

Are you ever in a rush, but still want to look put together? You aren't alone. My go-to outfit when I'm in a hurry is usually always an oversized plaid shirt and leggings. There is something about plaid that brings an outfit together, no matter if it's two sizes too big for you! I mean, if I was wearing any other top in size extra large, I would look like a slob, am I right?

I have A LOT of oversized plaid in my closet! J. Crew has some cute flannels, but I tend to buy my shirts from their men's section. (No Shame). They have a much better selection and they also fit better. More of a boyfriend fit, which is great for the oversized look! 

I've been loving the lumberjack look lately. I even bought Scooter a vest in this same pattern (maybe you'll see a blog post with a Scoot appearance in the future)!

Sorry for the plaid overload this week.. but hey, you were warned!

Thanks so much for reading! xo


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