White Dresses For The Bride-To-Be

White Dresses For The Bride To Be - Chasing Cinderella

I absolutely love being a bride! Not only because the fact that I'm getting a fiancĂ© (and have a gorgeous ring), but also because of my updated wardrobe! I have been using every opportunity/excuse that I can to purchase and wear white dresses. I got so many compliments on both my bridal shower dress (on sale for $23) and my bachelorette party dress- and for good reason (I'm obsessed with both of them)! But since they are from the same shop, I felt it was my duty to share where I purchased both of them with y'all!

My go-to spot for occasion dresses lately has been Red Dress Boutique- especially for white dresses for all wedding related events! They seriously have THE best selection of white dresses for the bride-to-be! Bridal showers, engagement parties, bachelorette parties, bridal luncheons, honeymoon.. you name it, they've got a dress for you!

Check out some of my favorite white dresses below- or see their full selection of white dresses here!

Thanks so much for reading! xo

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