Wedding Update: 1 Month To Go

One Month Wedding Update - Chasing Cinderella

We are just one month out from our wedding! HOW?! It is so crazy how quickly our engagement has flown by! It seem's like just yesterday Cab was down on one knee, I cannot believe that he will be my HUSBAND in just a months time!

Since my last wedding update, I am happy to report that I have scratched off all of the check list items, with an exception of gifts for our parents. I am struggling with this one- I'm not really sure what exactly we are supposed to be getting them! What says thank you for being the best parents anyone could ask for?!

Some other updates:
- I have my second to last dress fitting tomorrow! 
- I ordered Cab's wedding day gift yesterday! I am so excited to share with y'all what I got him!
- Honeymoon is booked! We're going to be gone basically the whole month of February and I cannot wait for some much needed relaxing time with my new hubby! 

I'm heading on my bachelorette party on Thursday with some of my favorite people and I cannot wait to share all about that! Make sure to follow along on Instagram! I've posted some hints on my stories of where we're going, but do y'all have any guesses?!

Thanks so much for reading and following along! xo

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