What I Gifted My Bridesmaids on My Wedding Day

What I Gifted My Bridesmaids on My Wedding Day

Being a bridesmaid is not cheap! Not only do they have to pay for their dresses (and sometimes hair and makeup), there are also travel expenses involved in most cases! Seven out of my eight bridesmaids were not local to Charleston, so they and their families had to travel and pay for lodging in order to attend! I mentioned before that I really wanted to spoil my gals, so I wanted to make their gifts very special!

What I Gifted My Bridesmaids On My Wedding Day

I was very mindful when choosing my bridesmaids gifts. I wanted to give my gals items that they would be able to use in the future, not just wedding specific items that are cute on the day but then have no purpose afterwards. I decided to go with a few personalized items that they will be able to reuse, and just one wedding-specific item! See everything I chose below!

Monogramed Pajamas: I knew I wanted to gift my gals something cute to get ready in (because photos, duh). Robes are always super common of a gift, but because my wedding was in February and a bit on the chilly side, I thought pajamas would be a cute idea. When I found these ones during my search I know I had found the ones! And I love how the photos turned out with them!

Personalized Tote Bag: You're going to need something to put your bridesmaids gifts in, so why not make the bag a gift in itself?! I loved these cute personalized totes, and now my gals can reuse the bag whenever they want! 

Thank You Card: A thank you card is always a special touch that your gals will love to read! 

Personalized Hanger: I loved the idea of my gals each having a personalized hanger to hang their bridesmaids dresses on while getting ready. It's a great item for them to remember the special day, and they also look really cute for photos! 

Personalized Wine Tumbler: Who doesn't love a personalized wine tumbler?! I don't think I really need to say more about this lol. I absolutely loved the colors I chose! 

Fun Earrings: I originally planned on the gals wearing these earrings for the wedding, but they ended up being a little too shiny. But they made such a great gift and the girls can wear them over and over again! 

Scrunchies: I'm super into scrunchies so when I saw these ones on sale I had to get the! 

Foldable Flats: These foldable flats were probably my favorite gift I gave my ladies! They fold up super small into the pouch so they are easy to store, and they were great for my gals to change into on the dance floor once their feet started hurting! 

Gifts For BridesmaidsThank You Gifts For Bridesmaids
Gifts For Bridesmaids on Wedding Day
Lisi Lerch Earrings for Bridesmaids
Wedding Day Gifts For Bridesmaids
Cinderollies For Bridesmaids Gifts
Customized Hangers For Bridesmaids

Where I Bought My Bridesmaids Gifts:

Monogramed Pajamas: Seline Lounge

Personalized Tote Bag c/o Bash

Thank You Card c/o The White Invite

Personalized Hanger c/o Beau Coup

Personalized Wine Tumbler c/o The White Invite

Gold Earrings c/o Lisi Lerch

Scrunchies: American Eagle

Foldable Flats c/o Cinderollies

Thank You Gifts For Bridesmaids on Wedding Day

Thank you so much for reading! xo

Photos: Virgil Bunao Photography

Bridesmaids Dresses: ASOS in taupe blush

Hair and Makeup: Brides Best Friend

Location c/o The White Room

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