My Top 10 Newborn Baby Must-Haves (0-2 Months)

Top Must Have Newborn Baby Items

My Top 10 Most-Used Newborn Baby Items

Now that I am a little over two months into being a mom, I feel that I have enough experience to share with y'all the newborn baby items that we use every single day! I wanted to include items that you may not think of right away, so I didn't include some necessities such as a car seat, stroller, and bassinet/crib although they are very important the first two months of your baby's life!


I don't know what we are going to do when she grows out of this! We use this lounger every single day, multiple times a day. Since she's not mobile yet we stick her on this when we are hanging out on the couch. She'll even nap on it when I don't make her take her naps in her bassinet!


This pillow has many different uses! I used it to support her when we were breastfeeding, and I still sometimes use it to help support when I give her a bottle. We also use it to prop her up and during tummy time! I also have this cute cover and it makes it so soft!


Callie used to break out of her swaddle blankets no matter how tight we made them. She was seriously an escape artist! Then we heard about these velcro swaddles and it was a game changer! We used them for a while until we switched to an arms up swaddle. Callie loves to sleep with her arms above her head so she likes these ones better and seems to sleep better in them.


This is another item that we use every single day, multiple times a day. This sound machine is amazing! You can control it from your phone, and it has a ton of different sounds and colors (it can also be a nightlight). We use it at night and for her naps when she sleeps in her bassinet. This portable sound machine is also great for when you aren't home! 


We also have just the same pacifiers that are attached to the Wubbanubs. These are the only pacifiers that Callie likes, so I was so glad that we could buy them separate from the Wubbanub. But I love the Wubbanubs- they are so cute and we have a ton of different animals!


I wasn't sure if I was going to include a diaper pail in my must-haves, but then I decided that I had to! You will go through so many diapers a day, and yes, you could just use a regular trash can.. but this diaper pail keeps the smell sealed so well. Highly highly recommend!  


I prefer a wifi baby monitor so that I am able to view it even if I am not home! The quality of this camera is incredible and I love that I can zoom and talk through it if I need to! We also have this non-wifi monitor just in case our wifi goes out! This is a great quality monitor too if you want one that does not use wifi!


We love our DockATot! It's great for her to nap in when she's not in her bassinet, and it's also so useful if I need to put her down quickly to do something around the house. Since it has raised sides I'm not worried about her rolling out of it and off the couch! We also use it in the mornings when we want her to lay in bed with us, but we don't want to squish her haha.


Callie wasn't picky when it came to bottles (thank goodness), so these were the ones we had on our baby registry and have been using since she was a couple weeks old! We use this brush cleaner set and I am OBSESSED! It has four different brushes and I use every one to cheat the Comotomo bottles!


We use this play mat underneath our play gym. She's not rolling over yet, so I like the extra cushion that this mat provides when she's laying on her back! They have so many different cute animals to choose from too!


I wanted to include this blanket since we use ours every single day, but it is definitely not a necessary item! This is the infamous Barefoot Dreams blanket, but for babies! It's so soft and the perfect thickness (not too thin or too heavy). We use it for everything: after bath time, lounging, car rides, stroller rides.. you name it! 


A few other items that I think are worth mentioning that we use very often are muslin burp cloths (you will need a ton and I like these the best), white onesies (we use these for her to sleep in, and to wear under some of her outfits), our bottle drying rack, our Babybrezza for formula (not at all necessary but super convenient), and the breathable Newton crib mattress (we haven't moved Callie to her crib yet, but this mattress will give me peace of mind when we do!)

Thanks so much for reading! xo


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