My Wedding Dress Details: Bridal Portraits

My Wedding Dress Details: Bridal Portraits - Chasing Cinderella

I am so excited to share details on both of my wedding dresses! You may have saw that I had both a ceremony dress and a reception dress, and am SO happy I made the decision to change dresses during the reception! The weekend before our wedding I met up with my photographer at our wedding venue to take my bridal portraits of both my dresses, and here's the result! 

If you aren't sure what bridal portraits are, you aren't alone. I didn't really know what they were either before my photographer recommended we do them! Basically you'll meet with your photographer ahead of time (either at your wedding venue or somewhere else) and take individual photos of you in your wedding dress! I thought this was a great idea for a few reasons. First, if gives you more time on your wedding day to get group photos, etc! It is also a great way to meet your photographer (if you haven't already) before the big day! You will feel more relaxed and comfortable, and not to mention you won't be rushed! I highly recommend doing bridal portraits before your wedding day if possible! 

My Ceremony Dress

I absolutely loved my ceremony dress! I felt like a true princess! It had lace and beads on the bodice, as well as beads on the straps! I loved the low back and the lace detail that extended onto the skirt. We added a layer of shimmer tulle so my dress was extra sparkly, and also added some crinoline to make it more poofy!

FUN FACT: This was the first wedding dress I ever tried on! I tried on many dresses at the bridal shop, but kept coming back to this one! Ordered it the same day!

Bridal Portraits - Chasing Cinderella
Boone Hall Plantation Bridal Portraits - Chasing Cinderella
My Wedding Dress Details - Chasing Cinderella
Wedding Dress Details - Chasing Cinderella
Bridal Portraits at Boone Hall Plantation - Chasing Cinderella
Ceremony Wedding Dress - Chasing Cinderella

My Reception Dress

I wasn't originally planning on changing dresses at the reception because I loved my ceremony dress so much! But when the opportunity presented itself to get a second dress, I couldn't pass it up! I am so happy with my decision to change dresses. Not only because the photos turned out great, but because I was so comfortable the entire night- not once thinking about my dress on the dance floor!

When it came to my second dress, I wanted it to be obvious that I changed dresses, but I still wanted it to look like a wedding dress! I knew I wanted to be comfortable as well! The amazing gals at Gown Boutique of Charleston came up with the idea to cut this dress to tea length and I am obsessed! It was so easy to move in, and not to mention tare up the dance floor! 

Reception Wedding Dress - Chasing Cinderella
Reception Wedding Dress Details - Chasing Cinderella
My Reception Dress Details: Bridal Portraits - Chasing Cinderella
Reception Dress at Boone Hall Plantation - Chasing Cinderella
Wedding at Boone Hall Plantation - Chasing Cinderella
Personalized Denim Jacket Wedding - Chasing Cinderella

During the reception I put on my customized denim jacket! I loved how it dressed down my wedding dress, it was the perfect addition to the perfect night! I also changed into my silver glitter KEDS during the reception too! I absolutely loved it!

Ceremony Dress: Stella York
Reception Dress: Stella York c/o
Customized Denim Jacket: Bash
Veil: Sara Gabriel c/o
Hair & Makeup: Bride's Best Friend
Portrait Bouquet: Fresh Weddings & Events 
Photography: Virgil Bunao

Thanks so much for reading! xo

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