4 Shoe Styles To Wear Now and Into Fall

Transitional Shoes To Wear Now and Into Fall - Chasing Cinderella

This is the time of year when everyone is itching to pull out their fall outfits. Sadly it's still a little too warm out to do so. This is why it's important to know how to transition your wardrobe into fall! One important step in transiting your outfits is choosing the right shoes. There are four shoe styles that I want to share that I personally love, and that you can wear now and into fall.

4 Shoe Styles To Wear Now And Into Fall


Depending on where you live, Fall weather arrive at different times. Here in Charleston we don't really start to feel the cooler temperatures until about the middle of October. Because of this, we tend to wear sandals a little longer into the year. This is why sandals are the perfect shoe to transition into fall, especially animal print sandals!

Pro Tip: Leopard or snakeskin are perfect patterns to make sandals transition to fall!

Animal Print Sandals to Wear Now and Into Fall - Chasing Cinderella


I have a new found love for mules! They are so easy and comfortable, and are great for transitioning from spring to fall! You can find mules in so many different colors and patterns for every season, and these snakeskin mules make the perfect transitional shoe! You will usually see me wearing mules with jeans, but they look equally as cute with dress, skirts.. you name it!  

Transional Slides For Fall - Chasing Cinderella

Open Toe Booties

If you are like me and are ready for fall fashion but it's too hot to fully commit, then open toe booties are the way to go! You have the look and feel of actual fall booties, but the open toe look will make you look and feel a little better when it's still a tad warm outside! I love wearing my open toed booties with denim shorts, dresses, and especially a pair of jeans!

Open Toe Booties to Wear Now and Into Fall - Chasing Cinderella


Finally, if you are ready to fully commit to fall fashion, then booties are for you! My go-to outfit during the fall is a sweater, jeans, and a pair of booties! I am loving all of the animal print booties out right now and cannot wait to see how everyone styles them! I do love the look of booties with a dress and even a pair of shorts, so really you can wear them whenever, not just when the weather cools! Again.. they are super transitional! 

Animal Print Booties - Chasing Cinderella

There are a few other styles that are going to be super popular (including ballet flats and heeled mules) but these are the four styles that you will see me wearing now and into fall! I'm obviously a huge fan of the animal print trend, and I don't see it going anywhere anytime soon.

Thanks so much for reading! xo


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