My 10 Favorite Fall Traditions

My 10 Favorite Fall Traditions | Chasing Cinderella

It's nothing new to hear that I love fall. It's my absolute favorite season. The fashion, the food, the weather, the activities.. you name it, everything rocks! Unfortunately the falls here in Charleston are a bit different than the falls in Maryland I had growing up, but I'm learning to live with it. Since I'm such a huge lover of this wonderful season, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite fall traditions.

1a. Visit the pumpkin patch
I have such great memories growing up searching for the best pumpkin! We didn't really have "patches" where I lived, but picking out the perfect pumpkin for carving was always a highlight! Now I make Cab take me to an actual pumpkin patch every year to pick out our pumpkins!

1b. Carve said pumpkins
I was never a huge fan of carving pumpkins until I met Cab. He is SO good at carving pumpkins, like stupid good! Now we love to challenge ourselves to make the best pumpkins! A couple years I did Tinkerbell and there was fairy dust all around the pumpkin. It looked so good when the candle flickered! Cab's always has to do with some form of animal (surprise surprise). 

2. Fall decorations 
I mean, have you ever smelled fall candles?! Is there anything better?! I just love fall decorations. Not just the way they smell, but how they make the home feel so cozy! I love all the warm colors, and pumpkins are my absolute favorite decor piece (other than pineapples of course).

3. Watch Hocus Pocus and/or Halloweentown
This one doesn't need an explanation. Name a better Halloween movie...

4. Hot Chocolate
The second it's cold enough outside for hot drinks, you better believe I'm making myself a hot chocolate. I especially love peppermint hot chocolate! It just makes me so happy and feel so cozy inside! 

5a. Go to the fair
I freaking love the fair! Name something that's better than fair food- I dare you! It's just always such fun night walking around the fair eating everything from fried oreos to a giant turkey leg! It's the perfect way to spend a fall night! 

5b. Go to a haunted house
This was my favorite thing to do in high school. I don't know why though because I always ended up crying from being scared so bad haha. I haven't subjected myself to that kind of torture in the last couple of years, but maybe the time has come.

6. Crock pot meals
I actually love crock pot meals all year long (hello convenience), but fall crock pot meals are my favorite. I mean, have you eaten chili on a cold night?! 

7. Carolina football games
Go Cocks! I have to admit I'm not the biggest football fan, but I am a Carolina Gamecock, so I stay true to my roots! Cab is the biggest Gamecocks fan and absolutely loves going to every home game. I more go for the tailgating snacks, but nonetheless I love supporting my Gamecocks!

8. Dress the dogs up in Halloween costumes 
Scooter is my favorite to dress up because he's so little! He has previously been a cow and a hot dog (okay he's been a hot dog for a couple years now). I really want to get all three of the pups food costumes this year! I was just at Petsmart and they have sushi, tacos, AND PIZZA! How can I resist?! 

9. Sit by the fire and eat s'mores
I love sitting outside, cozying up by the fire! Even better if there are s'mores involved! 

10. Eat all the Halloween candy
I obviously had to save the best for last! Cab doesn't let me by Halloween candy too far in advance because he knows there is zero chance anything is making it to the 31st. I honestly have an issue. Last year I bought candy specifically for trick-or-treaters, and then candy specially for me... I'm not proud of it. 

What are some of y'alls favorite fall traditions?! 

Thanks so much for reading! xo


  1. This reads like a perfect list of autumn activities! Pumpkins and hot chocolate are just perfect and so welcome after the hot summer we've had in the UK!

  2. I love all of these things! Fall is my absolute favorite season. Cannot wait to go apple picking and to a pumpkin patch asap.

    Hayden //

  3. this makes me even more excited that fall is here! nyc has a different flavour to it from some of the other places i've been during the autumn season, but like you said it's still cool to make-do with what you have! <3

  4. These are all great Fall things! I also love just eating fresh apple cider donuts! So good!

  5. Everything sounds SO much fun. I am finally ready for fall :)


  6. Lovely post!! I love fall rituals and going to a pumpkin patch is one thing I'd love to do!!

  7. So many great fall traditions! I have already watched Hocus Pocus once this month and can't wait to go to a pumpkin patch! Bring on ALL the Halloween candy also!


  8. I allllways watch Halloweentown as soon as it gets to be fall weather!! It is so good!

  9. such great traditions! and i LOVE halloweentown as well!

  10. I am loving these Fall traditions! My family and I love going to the pumpkin patch every year!

    cute & little

  11. Yes! I love fall and all fall things! Sitting by a fire with smores, going to the pumpkin patch, Halloween movies, all great things!!

  12. I never carve my pumpkin. I bring it home and it sits on the porch until it rots. We do enjoy all the other mentioned traditions, though.

  13. Fall is my absolute favorite season. There's so much to do! Unfortunately, I love buying dog costumes more than my dog loves wearing them. If I'm lucky, I get one good picture. Doesn't stop me from trying. Lol.

  14. i think dogs dressed up in costumes is so cute! my favorite part about the season!

  15. These are some great fall traditions! I love dogs dressed in costumes, it's so funny! I love carving pumpkins too!

  16. Cannot wait to eat all of the candy, decorate pumpkins, explore a cornmaze, and watch hocus pocus!

    xo Laura Leigh
    Louella Reese

  17. I think the only ones on this list that I don't get to do are go to a sports event or dress my dogs up for Halloween (because I don't have dogs haha)! I'll also admit I avoid haunted houses like crazy because I'm a total scaredy cat, but I hope you enjoy it to the max!

  18. These are all such great ideas! Definitely checking all of these off this fall!

  19. I want to do 5a SO BAD!! Also can't wait to see the pups all dressed up!

    xo, Hillary |