A Complete List of My Favorite TV Shows and Where To Watch Them

A Complete List of My Favorite TV Shows and Where To Watch Them - Chasing Cinderella

If you know me, you know I'm a huge tv watcher! I am always watching so many shows at once and love all types of shows, from comedy to thriller to cheesy high school dramas! I get asked a lot for show recommendations and it's always so hard because I have seen/love so many shows! So, I thought I would put all the shows I've watched and love in one place, for y'all to choose what should be your next binge! 

A Complete List of My Favorite TV Shows and Where To Watch Them

I have organized them below by where you can watch them, as well as alphabetically. I wish I had the patience to also organize them by genre and to give y'all a little description of each, but I would be here until 2022 trying to type that all out lol. I did write a short description about some of the below shows in this post if you're interested! So here you go!
Some of these series have come to an end, and some are in between seasons and the newest season hasn't been added to Netflix yet. If that's the case, I have included the network that it plays on, and you should be able to watch the most recent season on the channel's website/app! 

Arrested Development - 5 Seasons
Better Call Saul - 3 Seasons
Big Mouth - 3 Seasons - Netflix Original
Black Mirror - 4 Seasons - Netflix Original
Blacklist - 5 Seasons + Season 6 on NBC
Breaking Bad - 5 Seasons
Carrie Diaries - 2 Seasons
Designated Survivor - 2 Seasons
Dynasty - 1 Season + Season 2 on CW
Friends - 10 Seasons
Gilmore Girls - 7 Seasons
Gilmore Girls Reunion - Limited Series - Netflix Original
Girlboss - 1 Season
Glee - 6 Seasons
Gossip Girl - 6 Seasons
Gotham - 4 Seasons + Season 5 on HULU/FOX
Grey’s Anatomy - 14 Seasons + Season 15 on HULU/ABC
Hart of Dixie - 4 Seasons
House of Cards - 6 Seasons - Netflix Original
How to Get Away With Murder - 4 Seasons + Season 5 on HULU/ABC
Insatiable - 1 Season - Netflix Original
Mad Men - 7 Seasons
New Girl - 6 Seasons + Season 7 on Hulu/FOX
Orange is the New Black - 6 Seasons
Once Upon A Time - 7 Seasons
Ozark - 2 Seasons - Netflix Original
Parks and Recreation - 7 Seasons
Peaky Blinders - 4 Seasons - Netflix Original
Pretty Little Liars - 7 Seasons
Quantico - 3 Seasons
Riverdale - 2 Seasons + Season 3 on CW
Scandal - 7 Seasons
Schitt's Creek - 4 Seasons + Season 5 on POP
Shooter - 2 Seasons + Season 3 on USA
Shameless - 8 Seasons + Season 9 on SHOWTIME
Stranger Things - 2 Seasons + Season 3 premiers July 4 - Netflix Original
The Crown - 2 Seasons
The Five - 1 Season
The Imposters - 2 Seasons
The OA - 1 Season - Netflix Original
The Office - 9 Seasons
The Originals - 5 Seasons
The Sinner - 1 Season + Season 2 on USA
The Society - 1 Season - Netflix Original
Trailer Park Boys - 12 Seasons
Travelers - 3 Seasons - Netflix Original
Vampire Diaries - 8 Seasons
Walking Dead - 8 Seasons + 9th Season on AMC
Weeds - 8 Seasons
YOU - 1 Season
Some of these series have come to an end, some are in between seasons so you have time to catch up, and some of them are playing now on their respective networks! If the show is in the middle of a season, I've included the network that it is playing on! 

11.22.63 - 1 Season - HULU Original
A Million Little Things - 1 Season / ABC
Black Sails - 4 Seasons
Castle Rock - 1 Season - HULU Original
Desperate Housewives - 8 Seasons
Handmaid's Tale - 2 Seasons + Season 3 premiers on June 5 - HULU Original
How I Met Your Mother - 9 Seasons
Light as a Feather - 1 Season - HULU Original
Lost - 6 Seasons
Manifest - 1 Season / NBC
Mistresses - 4 Seasons
Nashville - 6 Seasons
Prison Break - 5 Seasons
Resurrection - 2 Seasons
Revenge - 4 Seasons
Shadow Hunters - 3 Seasons / FREEFORM
Siren - 2 Seasons / FREEFORM
Sons of Anarchy - 5 Seasons
The Act - 1 Season
The Bold Type - 3 Seasons
The Gifted - 2 Seasons / FOX
The OC - 4 Seasons
This is Us - 3 Seasons / NBCUnReal - 4 Seasons
Wayward Pines - 2 Seasons
Younger - 5 Seasons
These are all shows that are on HBO and can be watched on the HBO Go app! 

Big Little Lies - 2 Season
Game of Thrones - 8 Seasons
Righteous Gemstones - Season 1 happening now
Sharp Objects - 1 Season
The Night Of - 1 Season
True Blood - 7 Seasons
True Detective - 3 Seasons
Westworld - 2 Seasons


These are all shows that are not on the above three subscriptions, but I think are definitely worth including in this roundup! I have included where they originally aired, so hopefully you can find a place to watch them!

Dirty John - 1 Season - BRAVO
Famous in Love - 2 Seasons - FREEFORM
Jack Ryan - 1 Season - AMAZON PRIME
Legacies - 1 Season - CW
Roswell, New Mexico - 1 Season - CW
The Arrangement - 2 Seasons - E!
The Following - 3 Seasons - FOX
The Royals - 4 Seasons - E!
Younger - 6 Seasons - TV Land

Woo I told y'all I watch a lot of tv haha! If you have any questions about any of the above shows, feel free to leave a comment, or send me a message on Instagram!

Thanks so much for reading! xo


  1. Where do I even start? I love so many of these. I've recently been keeping up with Riverdale which has been SO good, but always love going back to classics like Gilmore Girls and The OC.

  2. We love Netflix and are new to try Amazon Prime but these also look like great options!

  3. Thank you thank you! I needed this

  4. SO MANY GOOD SHOWS! This is us & a million little things are at the top of my list rn!

  5. Omg this is such a good list! Riverdale for the win forever and ever! haha

  6. That's such a lot of shows - and many of which I haven't watched (though I'm incredibly picky with TV). So fun!

  7. I'm in desperate need of some new shows to watch! This list was so fun to browse through.

  8. Wow, I love this round up!


  9. So many great options! I've seen a lot of these, but definitely not all. I'm always looking for new stuff, so I'll check some out. One of my favorites that I did not see on here is Friends from College on Netflix. It's so funny, yet there's drama too.

  10. Ooh, will definitely have to add these to my list!! Thanks for sharing!

    cute & little

  11. There are so many series I'd love to watch but I don't have time :/ I have netflix but I hardly watch it, can you believe it?

  12. I want to watch Big Little Lies!! Isn't season 2 coming out soon?! I better catch up!

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  13. My kind of girl- I love a good TV marathon! I'm definitely checking some of these out!

  14. Breaking Bad was so so so good. I was broken when the series ended!! I am looking forward to Season 3 of Stranger Things.

  15. I watch a lot of these shows as well - I'm always looking for something new too! Did you watch the original Roswell? How does the reboot stack up?
    Chic on the Cheap

  16. Girl how helpful is this! It's so confusing to know where to find which shows with all the options.

    xoxo A

  17. The office and Friends are on repeat always at my house. Need to check out a few of these other shows for something new!

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

  18. Oh my gosh this LIST! I'm going on vacation and this may be perfect!