Our Most Used Baby Items (2-4 Months)

Our Most Used Baby Items For 2-4 Months

Now that Callie is getting bigger, our most used baby items are a little different than they were for her first 2 months of life. We definitely still use most of our top newborn items (like our Hatch sound machine, baby monitor, and Ubbi Diaper Pail), but there are some other baby items that we now use daily that I wanted to share!


If I had to pick one item to recommend to any mom it would be the Newton Baby crib mattress! It is 100% breathable and proved to reduce suffocation and overheating. Callie is rolling over and now sleeping on her belly (face down I might add), so I can sleep better at night knowing that she can breathe straight through this mattress! I also have the Newtown Baby crib sheets that are also 100% breathable! There is nothing like the first time when you look at your baby monitor and see your baby sleeping face down in her crib! It's super scary, and I can't express to you how thankful I am to have the Newton mattress. Worth every penny!!! 


To be honest, I didn't really think a Baby Brezza was necessary at first, but let me tell you- It's been a game changer for me (especially for those night feedings)! If you are feeding your baby formula, or even just supplementing, the Baby Breeza makes it ten times easier. You don't have to worry about waiting for your water to heat up, measuring it, then measuring out the correct amount of formula. The Baby Breeza does all of that for you, making the perfect bottle every time!


For her first two months, we were using these velcro swaddles for Callie. We quickly learned that she loved to sleep with her arms up close to her face, so we switched her to this arms up swaddle and she loved it! It was then time to transition her to having her arms out because she was trying to roll, so we moved her to this arms up transition swaddle. I truly think using these two swaddles made the transition to her sleeping with both arms out a piece of cake! She still just sleeps in the transition swaddle with the arms zipped off!


This is another one of my favorite purchases for Callie, and is definitely a must have! When she really started to kick her feet around, it was so fun to watch her playing with this piano gym play set! It's great because it can be used throughout different stages of your baby's life too! Now that she's rolling around, we take the piano off the play set and use it with other toys too!


We call this the magic bouncer! Callie doesn't really like to just sit and chill anymore, but we use this bouncer when we need her to take a little cat nap! It has a setting to make it vibrate, so I'll be sitting on the couch watching tv with the lights off, and I'll just sit her in the bouncer and start bouncing it with my foot (with the vibrate setting on) and it's rare that she doesn't fall asleep! 


This is another item that's a little on the pricer side, but ended up being worth the money! When Callie was a newborn and not mobile at all, we would lay her on her plush play mat and use the play gym for her to stare at the sensory cards. Now that she's rolling over like crazy, we use the entire Lovevery play gym, and she loves it! The mat is really big and a little cushioned, so great for when she rolls over to her belly (and for tummy time)! It will also be great when she starts playing with all the different sensory items that come attached with the mat! 


This is the newest baby item purchase for us, and it is definitely Callie's favorite! Now that she has great head control and kicks her feet a ton, we put her in the Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumparoo and she jumps around like a crazy person! She even has started reaching and playing with all the fun toy attachments! We put Callie in this multiple times a day and it keeps her entertained for so long! 


I've mentioned this stroller fan on my Instagram a ton, but I felt it was worth including it here because we use it all the time! I use it on our walks daily, but I'll also bring it to attach to her car seat (if we're eating at a restaurant, etc)! I also used it in the hospital when I was in labor and it was a game changer! 


This is another item I've shared on Instagram a ton, but is worth noting here! I have this portable sound machine attached to her car seat at all times. It's great for when Callie needs to have nap on the go! Whether it be in the car or at Target, when I turn on the sound machine she usually takes a pretty great nap!


Okay so I know every baby is different and likes different things, but Callie is obsessed with this Taggie Soothing Sensory Blanket, so I had to include it! She takes her "Chicken friend" everywhere, it's so cute! I know there are a few different animals, but we love the chicken haha!


There are obviously a lot of other baby must-have items that you will need for 2-4 month olds, and I have a lot of them listed here, in my Top Baby Items post for 0-2 months! But right now, I can honestly say that one of the most-used items that we still use are burp cloths LOL. I recommend having thousands on hand!

Thanks so much for reading! xo

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