5 Trends You'll Be Seeing This Fall

5 Trends You'll See This Fall | Chasing Cinderella

The first day of fall may be right around the corner, but it's still hot as heck here in Charleston. Since I won't be seeing fall fashions around town anytime soon, it was fun to see some fall trends at New York Fashion Week! I didn't go to NYFW, but I was following along via Instagram stories with all of my favorite blogger babes. I thought it would be both fun and helpful to share with y'all some of the fall trends that I saw both on bloggers and on the runway: 

Color Blocking - This is a trend that I am already loving and participating in! I am loving all of the colorful stripes that I have seen coming out for fall! I've already bought this sweater and this sweater! You will definitely be seeing color block sweaters and cardigans all over my page!

Tweed - Tweed is a trend that I wasn't expecting to see, and honestly not one that I'm particularly excited before. Nothing against tweed, it's just not really my style. BUT, I am giving it a shot and have this dress that will be styled on the blog soon!

Plaid Blazers - I've recently become a fan of wear blazers (outside of work/interviews), so I'm pretty excited about this trend! I wore this blazer to the Blog Societies Conference and I loved it, so I had to jump on the plaid blazer trend! I just bought this blazer and can't wait to style it!

Leopard Print - My personal favorite! If you've been following me for a while you know that I am no stranger to leopard print. Definitely happy that it's not going anywhere this season (not that I would stop wearing it....)!

Pattern Mixing - Pattern mixing is another trend I'm not a stranger too! I have been an avid mixer of stripes and plaid for the past two years (2016 & 2017) and I plan on continuing that trend! I've become a huge fan of camo too, so you'll probably see some pattern mixing including camouflage this season too!

What are y'alls thoughts on these trends?! I am definitely not the most trendy person, but I can totally get behind these five upcoming fall trends! 

Thanks so much for reading! xo



  1. I love leopard print, I am so happy it is trendy!!

  2. Leopard has been a favorite of mime for years, especially with accessories. I need to step outside of my comfort zone a little and do more pattern mixing.

  3. Ah dare I say that I'm not suuuuper excited about this Fall's *new* trends? Color blocking is most likely the only one I'll really get on board with.

    xx, Danielle

  4. Great list! So excited for fall! I can't wait to wear animal prints and plaid! haha, but not together.


  5. Great post!! I love all of these trends for Fall! Currently looking for a plaid blazer. Love how affordable the one you linked is.

  6. I am so excited for leopard prints and plaid blazer this Fall! They're so chic!


  7. I am ALL about leopard print!! Bring on the fall fashion.

  8. I love leopard and glad it’s on-trend this fall! I’ve always loved leopard print!! And I definitely need to add some plaid to my fall wardrobe this year!

    Xo, Steph

  9. I have always loved plaid for Fall but I am also looking to try tweed. It is so sophisticated.

  10. I have seen the plaid blazers popping up and it takes me back to Clueless and I love it.

  11. Goodness, I'm so ready for fall! It's about time the temps drop so I can really bring out all the sweaters and cardigans!

  12. I am ready for fall! It will be nice to enjoy being outside without being hot and sweating! I am a fan of tweed only in skirts or dresses. I love these other trends.

  13. I am all for tweed, plaid and leopard. Bring on the pattern mixing!

    Megan | www.pipmegan.com

  14. Yay for color block and plaid blazers!! I'm totally on board here!

    xo, Hillary | hillheady.com