How To Get Ready For The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Get Ready For The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale | Chasing Cinderella

I can't believe it's that time of year again- time to start preparing for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!  This is the one sale all year long that I actually shop like crazy! This is where I get most of my fall and winter items, especially boots and booties! If you're new around here, and don't know what the #NSale is, I'm sharing all of the important information below!

What Is It?

Great questions! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, or better known as the #NSale, is when Nordstrom releases BRAND NEW fall and summer items, and crazy low prices! Yes, these are brand new items that you can shop at sale prices! We're talking boots, sweaters, handbags, jeans.. you name it! After the sale, all of the items go back up to their original price!

Important Dates

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Calendar | Chasing Cinderella

The #NSale comes in two phases: 
July 12-19 - All cardmembers get to shop EARLY ACCESS in stores and online.
July 20-August 5 - Sale opens to the public.
*July 11th - Level 4 cardmembers get to pre-shop the sale in stores only.

My Top Tips For Shopping The #NSale

1. Have A Game Plan. Item's sell out quickly, so it's super important to know ahead of time the items that you know for sure that you want to purchase! Skim through the 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Catalog for some sneak peeks! But keep in mind, this is just a glance at what the #NSale has to offer- this sale is HUGE!

2. Shop Early. One of my biggest tips is to sign up for a Nordstrom Card so that you can shop Early Access! Items sell out very quickly so you will want to get your hands on them as soon as possible! Some of you may be turned off by another credit card, but listen here! One cool thing about this sale is that you don't actually have to use the card during the sale! You have use your account to gain access to the Early Access shopping, but don't have to check out using the card!

3. Space Out Your Orders. This one may seem weird to you, but trust me on this! The past two years I woke up at the crack of dawn to place my order, and ended up checking out with 10+ items in my first order. BOTH YEARS the order took so long to process (like days) that some items sold out. So please please please listen to me when I say not to make your orders huge! Nordstrom has free shipping so place multiple small orders if possible!

4. Order Multiple Sizes. Like I said above, Nordstrom has free shipping, as well as super easy returns! If you love something but you aren't sure what size would work best, order multiple and then send back which ever doesn't work for you! You don't want to take too long deliberating on the size and the item end up selling out before your eyes. I learned this the hard way!

5. Shop Often. I mentioned that items tend to sell out quickly, but Nordstrom also restocked items throughout the sale! So if an item you've had your eye on sells out, keep checking back because it will most likely be restocked! Again, Nordstrom has free shipping, so checking out multiple times is no big deal!


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