3 Reasons To Wear Midi Dresses This Summer

3 Reasons To Wear Midi Dresses This Summer - Chasing Cinderella

I recently jumped on the midi dress train and I'm so glad I did! I am huge fan of maxi dresses (for obvious reasons), and midi dresses are equally as important to have in your closet! Today I'm going to share with you 3 reasons to wear a midi dress this summer.

3 Reasons to Wear Midi Dresses This Summer

1. Easy to Style - Dressed in minutes

This is my absolute favorite thing about midi dresses! You can seriously throw your hair up in a top knot, and put on a pair of sandals and you are good to go! You always look put together with a midi dress, even when you didn't even try!

2. Versatile - Dress Up or Down

Midi dresses are one of those items that you can dress up or down. Whether you wear heels, flats, sandals, or a cute pair of sneaks- your shoes will always look in place with your midi! Dress it up with some jewelry and a fun clutch, or dress it down with a pair of Tory Burch sandals and a straw hat.

3. Modest Length- Wear for an Occassion

To go along with how versatile midi dresses are, they really can be worn for any occasion. They have a modest length (which I love), but have a different feel than a maxi dress. Wear one to church, to a wedding, or even our for drinks!


Reasons To Wear Midi Dresses This Summer - Chasing Cinderella
Red Dress with Straw Hat - 3 Reasons To Wear Midi Dresses This Summer
3 Reasons To Wear Midi Dresses - Chasing Cinderella
Midi Dresses For Summer - Chasing Cinderella
3 Reasons You Should Wear Midi Dresses This Summer - Chasing Cinderella
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  1. I agree, I love Midi Dresses due to their versatility! You can easily dress them up or down! Love these photos, that location is just beautiful! xo


  2. Midi dresses are my favorite! I totally agree that they are easy to style and perfect for any occasion!


  3. Midi dresses are by far my favorites! This is so cute on you.

  4. I am a BIG fan of midi dresses. This red one looks beautiful on you.

    ❥ tanvii.com

  5. I love this midi dress and how you styled it! I have those heels in pink and love them so much!


  6. I never met a midi dress I didn't love and this one looks amazing on you!

  7. Midi dresses are my JAM! Seriously obsessed with them. You look fabulous!

    xx Mollie

  8. Love this one on you! I can't to body con midi's but this floaty one is so cute!

  9. Your midi dress picks are so cute!


  10. Midi and maxi dresses are my absolute favorite during the warmer months! They are so easy to just grab and go!

  11. I have seen this purse everywhere, and I'm not tired yet lol. It's a really nice bag. Plus, I love midi dresses, especially because of the length.

  12. I looove that dress! The perfect mix of not tooooo dressy but still put together!

  13. Such a cute dress girl and I am loving these heels!!

    cute & little

  14. Midi dresses are my obsession! The perfect length. And I totally agree with all three of your reasons to wear them!

    xo Laura Leigh

  15. You look gorgeous and I love that you can wear this dress on so many occasions.

  16. I'm literally in love with this dress! The red is beyond gorgeous on you! So perfect for the 4th of July and beyond!

  17. I LOVE midi dresses!! Especially this one! You look gorgeous in red!

    xo, Hillary | hillheady.com