Friday Favorites: April 2016

Friday favorites from April 2016
Happy Friday! I cannot believe that today is the last Friday in April! It feels like yesterday that Cab and I were in NYC for my birthday weekend. It really is scary how fast time flies! Below I have rounded up some of the things I have been loving lately:

ONE // Spring Weather
I think we have finally gotten away from the cold weather and I can say it is officially spring! I am so happy to be able to wear dresses and shorts without freezing my booty off. (I actually jinxed it by writing this post because a cold front has come through bringing a bunch of rain ugh) The past couple weekends we have been able to spend the day outside, we went to the Naval Academy vs St Johns College croquet match, and took a fun day trip to Washington, DC last weekend! It gets me in the mood for summer.. Now I just have to get bikini body ready! #lol

TWO // Shop My Instagram
You now have the ability to shop my Instagram posts directly from my blog! You just have to click the 'shop' tab on my navigation bar above, and then click on the picture you want to shop. The exact products will be clickable to shop!

THREE // Off-The-Shoulder Tops
This is a trend that I am really loving! The off-the-shoulder look adds a feminine flare to any outfit, adding a little sassiness as well! You will be seeing plenty of off-the-shoulder posts in the next few weeks.

FOUR // Statement Earrings
I usually stick with my basic pearl earrings, but some outfits call for a little extra bling! Sometimes I like to add statement earrings to a relatively basic outfit to complete the look. Two of my recently purchased (and favorite) statement earrings are pictures above! Can you believe they are from H&M?! They are sold out online, so hurry into stores to snag them!

FIVE // Game of Thrones
It's finally back!!! The only downside is that I have to wait a whole week in between each episode to watch the next one. Cab and I binge watched the first five seasons in, I kid you not, a month.. So the fact that I can't watch the entire 6th season in a day seriously kills me. #nerdalert

Thanks so much for reading! xo

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