Black & Brown

black and brown

Dress: Old Navy // Necklace: Love Always Couture // Purse: Similar // Boots: Michael Kors

We went downtown for lunch yesterday after church, so we decided to snap a few pictures of my outfit while we were by the water. We finished just in time because as soon as we got back to the car it started to rain.. and will continue to rain until Friday.. (insert eye rolling emoji here)

Some people will tell you that you're not supposed to wear black and brown together.. We don't listen to those people around here! Those same people will tell you that you can't wear white pants before Easter.... I don't follow the white pants rule (see for yourself here & here), and I definitely don't follow the black and brown rule!

I personally, always mix black and brown- I love the contrast that the colors give! For the most part, if I'm wearing black clothing, I'm wearing brown boots or carrying a brown purse.. Especially if I'm wearing leggings! Y'all already know how I feel about leggings!

In other more important news, who is excited for the finale of The Bachelor tonight?! Who are you rooting for? I am completely #TeamJojo, but I think Lauren is going to win. Hometowns made it very obvious of his feelings for Lauren!

Thanks so much for reading! xo

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